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Swivel- and positioning clamp SCP 40 | Rackchangersystem | Modular C-Frame System | LogiMAT from 31.05.-02.06.2022

The new TÜNKERS swivel- and positioning clamp SCP 40 combines two functions in one:
The component is positioned by an eccentric during the rotary movement. This is followed by the clamping stroke to hold the component securely. In contrast to other swing clamps, the rotation of the clamping arm takes place without movement in the clamping direction. In case of compressed air failure, the clamp remains closed.


Overview of the diverse TÜNKERS solutions
Accumulate Roller Line, Vertical Change Systems, Multiload System with Crane Unit, U flat Rackchanger, Linear and Rotating Container Changer – there is a suitable concept for all tasks.   


TÜNKERS-NIMAK Modular C-Frame System - covers almost all individual requirements for the C-frame design.
Standards bring shorter design and delivery times at lower costs.


Visit us at LogiMAT from 31.05.-02.06.2022, Stuttgart Hall 2 D20
Automated Guided Vehicles - The High End Systems from TÜNKERS

Our driverless transport vehicles move efficiently, safely and quickly through production and logistics halls. The navigation data are recorded by modern personal safety scanners or camera systems. The evaluation is carried out by dynamic SLAM algorithms, which determine the position in space and adapt to new environmental features.

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